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Webinar Replay: The Keys to Asymmetric Returns with Kenny Arnott

User-friendly VIDEO REPLAY of our webinar is now online.

Watch the replay of SKILLSLAB Webinar “The Keys to Asymmetric Returns with Kenny Arnott” here. Feel free to share or forward this video link to your friends and colleagues.

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The Key to Asymmetric Returns with Kenny Arnott who made money in 3 major bear markets and continues to compound returns in bull markets.

Asymmetric Investing Workshop:

Where it came from
Why it is the best way to invest
How you – the investor – can do it

Case Studies: See how Kenny Arnott finds and executes asymmetric investment ideas.

Kenny Arnott has thirty years’ experience investing in equity and commodity markets money and has run money for several well-known hedge fund managers including Paul Tudor Jones. Since 1999, he has had only one negligible down year (2019 with -0.82%), and his maximum drawdown from high water mark is 9.03% versus market down of 50.71% on a quarterly basis.

Kenny made money in all three of the bear markets in the last 20 years including March 2020:

Up 793.00% versus MSCI World down 15.13% in 2001-2003 (leverage used during this time was much higher than later periods),
up 1.85% versus MSCI down -42.09% in 2008 and
up 0.30% versus MSCI World down 21.1% in Q1 2020.
After returning from a sabbatical in April 2013, his strategy has annualized positive net returns of over 20% since April 2013.

Kenny Arnott about himself: “In 1990 I went to work for Paul Tudor Jones’ uncle, Billy Dunavant, in Memphis, Tennessee, trading cotton. He introduced me to the concept of asymmetric investing and that has been my investment approach ever since. Find, Invest in, and Deliver Asymmetric returns.”